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Welcome to the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum. Originally launched in Marrakesh, Morocco in 2011 and held subsequently in Murcia, Spain in 2014 and Cairo, Egypt in 2018, the Mediterranean Water Forum has been put forth as a regional event that brings together the main stakeholders in the Mediterranean Water Community.

About The Forum

The Forum aims to present the Mediterranean as a hub of innovative water management responses which have been locally developed or adapted to address the prevailing challenges of the region including those related to climate change impacts.  It will also outline how the Mediterranean region is developing an integrated implementation  framework through the Union for the Mediterranean’s Water Agenda (Malta, 2017), while also servicing other important political and technical regional and sub-regional frameworks, which ensures that different water management actions reinforce each other thereby providing a comprehensive response for evolving needs. In doing so, this forum will also showcase the replication potential of these responses to address emerging problems at a global scale, including as a contributor to jobs, prosperity, stability and peace.

Conclusions from previous editions of the Mediterranean Water Forum (Marrakech – 2011, Murcia – 2014, Cairo – 2018)


Towards the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, 2022

Held every three years and in alignment with the themes defined for the World Water Forum, the Mediterranean Water Forum will target specific themes for the Mediterranean region coordinated by the main regional stakeholders. The main theme of the 9th World Water Forum (22-27 March 2021, Dakar, Senegal) is “Water Security for Peace and Development”, and discussions in the Forum are expected to be centred on the identification of effective responses which can guarantee water security. This theme is of interest for the Mediterranean where changing demographics, socio-economic challenges and the onset of climate change are increasingly threatening the water security of the region. But, the Mediterranean has throughout its history managed to transform the challenges of water scarcity into opportunities for its sustainable development.  The Mediterranean process will therefore seek to identify best practices and technologies which have been developed in the region, and present these as solutions for addressing water security in the region and beyond. During the activities of the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum, other major subjects and initiatives will be discussed and debated. The outputs of the working groups’ activities, the panels and other events will serve to significantly enhance the Mediterranean participation to the 8th World Water Forum. Furthermore, this 4th Mediterranean Water Forum should contribute to making water on the highest political agenda at Global, regional and a national level.


Strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands throughout millennia have been occupied by some of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. With every new settler, new water management technologies have been introduced within the islands, some of which dating back to the Roman and Arab rule. Through this rich history, we can indeed say, that Malta is really a hub for Water Management Solutions.



Official Opening Ceremony


Opening of Technical Exhibition

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Session 1

The Mediterranean as a hub of water management solutions and responses


Session 2

Non-Conventional Water Resources


Session 3

Integrated Management of Natural Water Resources

Technical Site Visits

GHAJN National Water Conservation Awareness Centre

GĦAJN is Malta’s National Water Conservation Awareness Centre which has developed an educational programme for students based on the use of interactive media – hence enabling students to appreciate the importance of water conservation whilst having fun. During the visit to GĦAJN, participants will be able to experience the Centre’s four water educational activities – The Water Cycle, The Thirsty Knight, The Water Hero and the Water Operator. GĦAJN was awarded the 2019 European Sustainability Prize by the European Commission in recognition of its innovative and comprehensive educational character. The tour will end with a visit to Mdina, Malta’s medieval capital with its imposing bastions, narrow winding streets and grand architecture.

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